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Now Shroff Eye, Mumbai is one centre which performs over 6 LASIK platforms using 2 advanced lasers- The Concerto 500 Hz laser which is the only one in India and the VisuMax laser. Using these we have performed over 20,000 procedures over 17 years of LASIK such as custom LASIK, bladeless LASIK, surface ablations, epiLASIK, wavefront guided LASIK, ReLEx SmILE, topo link PRK etc.

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  • Who should seek our services ?:The treatment is for patients who have a refractive error and meet certain visual and medical criteria. In addition the best candidates tend to be those who are dissatisfied with their contact lenses or glasses and are motivated to make a change, whether it is due to occupational or lifestyle reasons. However, only a thorough examination by our LASIK team can evaluate whether or not you are medically suited for LASIK.
  • Why should you avail our services?:Remember how your life changed when you had to get glasses? Now you can change it back and see naturally again. All this is possible now thanks to laser vision correction. We know you need more information to make an informed decision; so we would like to answer some of the questions you may have while considering this procedure.
  • What’s unique about us ?:We are very pleased to offer you the finest, most individualized laser vision correction existing today, not available anywhere else in India. You may wonder why we do not have a wide range of fees or LASIK cost displayed on the website like some laser centers. That’s easy. We only do LASIK one way, the way we would want it done for our own family members, many of whom we already have. We plan and perform your procedure using the best customized plans with the safest technology available anywhere worldwide to help you achieve your personal best vision. And instead of just performing the laser treatment, we’re committed to taking care of you after your procedure to ensure a great long-term result! Our laser treatments are customized using the most advanced laser technology in the world today – The Concerto 500 Hz laser technology, to produce consistent, safe and accurate vision results.
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  • Our team and expertise ?:Dr Anand Shroff is our laser eye surgeon he will conduct various tests himself. In fact, Dr Anand Shroff sees you not just pre LASIK, does the procedure himself, but also sees you post LASIK as well.
  • Our facility and technology ?:The latest and most reliable procedure is wavefront-guided LASIK, a customized treatment for each eye. Our excimer lasers use high-speed sensitive eye trackers to ensure perfectly centered treatments. Wavefront procedures even often leave patients with eyesight better than normal. We are committed to providing our patients with the best that technology and technique has to offer. This is one of the best laser in Mumbai, India
  • What is the itinerary of the service package ?:This is an outpatient procedure. The laser treatment usually takes less than a minute. The entire procedure usually takes 5-10 minutes per eye. First you will lie on a motorised bed to which the laser is attached. Anesthetic drops will be placed in the eye. The head is positioned under the laser and the eyelids are gently and comfortably kept open during the treatment with the help of a soft clip by our doctor. You will be asked to look at a blinking light during the entire procedure. Once the procedure is completed, a soft corneal protective shield is sometimes placed on the eye. A post-procedure eye examination is performed and eye drops are prescribed. We will inform you about the follow-up schedule. How soon can i return to work ? You will notice an improvement in vision within 4-6 hours and a restoration of functional vision by the next morning. However, complete recovery may take up to 48 hours. Some people get back to work the day after treatment. Two or three days are suggested. Meet Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK eye surgeon or specialist today. A new world of natural vision could be waiting for you.
  • What exactly are our services ?:Laser Assisted Stromal In-situ Keratomileusis [LASIK] is a method of re-shaping the external surface of the eye [the cornea] to correct low, moderate and high degrees of nearsightedness, astigmatism and far-sightedness. During the treatment, an instrument called the microkeratome creates a corneal flap to make it a painless procedure. The computerized Excimer laser then uses a cool beam of light to gently reshape the cornea so as to alter its curvature to the desired extent. The flap when replaced on the new corneal curvature allows images to be sharply focused on the retina. The goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce the dependence on glasses or contact lenses.
  • How can you avail our services ?:Meet Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK eye surgeon or specialist today. A new world of natural vision could be waiting for you.
  • What should you bring?:info@shroffeye.org
  • What we will provide?: Dr Anand Shroff

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