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About us

How do we work

We help people to find and directly connect with an appropriate services provider.

Step One : List Your Service

List your services in clearly defined services categories. It helps user to locate you for that specific service.

Step Two: Pitches Your Service

You provide the accurate and relevant information about your service so that user can select you from other available option.

Step Three : Communicate Seamlessly

User can directly call you, fix an appointment of simple walk in your office to finalize the deal.

Step Four : Grow Your Brand.

Encourage your clients to review your services so that others can trust you.


Listed Services

Services listed by renowned service providers

Eye care service providers list their services in predefined services categories like cataract surgery services, retina services, glaucoma services etc. Beside the contact info, listing owner provide critical information regarding their services. Plus users provide the reviews about the quality of services offered by a service provider. it helps a user select the best service provide for any service.

Detailed services pitch

Services Pitch by the service provider

The listing profile is designed to help the listing owner Pitch his/her services to the client. The sub fields provided in the profile page helps the listing owner provide the accurate and relevant information about the services provided. it helps the to make an informed decision about his selection of services provider.

Contact Directly to service provider

User connects directly with service provider

You can directly call the service provider directly or book an appointment or just walk in this office. There is no mediators, third party routing or sharing of clients contact details.