Cancellation and Refund Policy

The user and the service provider can cancel the booking for an appointment any time before the scheduled time. Irrespective of who has cancelled the appointment, the fee submitted by the client is refunded.

Incase, After consultation, the patient/client refuses to consent for treatment, or service provider refuses to offer the treatment, 

The client has two options

  1. Modify the booking as per his discussion with service provider.
  2. Cancel the booking and get a refund.

If the client  has consented for the treatment, the client/patient is abided by hospital policy.

Client No-Show Policy.

What do we define as No  Show ?

When a client has booked an appointment for service but fails to  show up on the date of appointment at the pre-decided venue , it is called no show.

We refund the fee deposited by the client without any asking for any questions or clarification. At the same time we expect the client to either cancel or reschedule the appointment with the service provider rather than not showing up.

How do we confirm / document the No Show?

Service providers document the client’s reception by asking for clients id, a copy of which is shared with us. If the service provider fails to provide the document , we consider it as no show.

If the client consent  for the procedure/surgery , the service provides updates to us . We call the client to verify and release the payment for the service provider.

Can a client cancel the procedure after consent ?

After consenting for the procedure, the client has to be abided by the rule of the service provider. Clients have to settle the payment/refund and other expenses with the service provider , once the consent is given.