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"Set impossible challenges, then catch up with them."
-Richard Branson

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Writing an article or dissertation was never easier. just submit project details with expected time for completion.


In the last eight years, we have assisted in more than 350 research projects, dissertation, and original articles from different clinical and paraclinical subjects.
Most of the projects where being organized at various medical university hospitals or teaching hospitals in different countries. Our clients were either investigator sor co-investigator in those projects. Most of the projects are from clinical subjects like radiology, medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia, pathology and so on. Projects were finally published in various peer-reviewed journals, presented in various conferences or submitted to approval agencies as reports. The average duration of the projects takes around 4 months to two and a half years.


We are a team of people with different set of skills. Every one of us is specializing in one specific skill like literature search, study design, statistical analysis, clinical subjects, medical writing, plagiarism correction and so on. Every project goes from all the stations before the manuscript is finalised for delivery to a client. It lakes a little longer than usual, but the outcome is satisfactory.

deliver if we promise

We do not accept every job that comes to us. We request the client to provide us the details of the work expected from us and the time he/she can afford to give us. It helps us to accurately decide if we will be able to deliver it on time or not.

what can we do for you ?

literature search and review

If you are planning new research, we can find useful reports that keep you up to date with what is current in the field and provide a solid background for a research paper’s investigation.

Statistics and data analysis

Many writers lack a firm grasp of the statistics they are using. We can you use statistics to make your argument as effectively as possible.

Dessertation writing

Thesis writing is a long, painful process. We can help you to complete it with relative ease.

writing an original article

Writing an original article for publication requires more than just the subjects knowledge. It also needs the data analysis and writing skills. We can help you publish what you want.

plagiarism correction

We can help you can help eradicate plagiarism from your existing documents, add and correct citations, as well as updating the references and bibliographic content.

Health related blogs

We have a team of people who are capable of delivering quality content of the topic you choose.

how do we work ?

Work details

We ask the client to provide us the details of the work requirement. It gives us an idea about the level of complexity and type of the people required to complete the task. It also allows us to clarify any doubts we have regarding the work.

Time frame

We ask the client to let us know how much time is he willing to give us to complete the first draft of the manuscript. It is difficult to accept if it is very urgent.

Changes and corrections

Two rounds of corrections for every written segment are included in the fee itself. There are no time limits for how long can a client demand a correction. In case of an original article meant for publication, corrections as per reviewers comments may take a few months after submission.


Medical writing requires a lot of inputs from the client, so two ways communication is a must. The primary mode of communication id email and Skype, and in written text only. Telephonic communication is not encouraged due to the following reasons. 1. difference in the accent and the time zone between client and company representative creates lots of miscommunication and confusion. 2. most of the queries and concerns of the client are related to the technicalities of the research topic and involves a lot of scientific and medical jargon, which can not be handled by customer care. 3. The writing works need more than three or four people working on different aspects of the work. The customer care fails to communicate precisely what are the client's concern. Plus the reply needs to be discussed among the writing team before it can be forwarded to the client. Written communication solves all these issues. 1. Email is read within two hours of its reception. It is sent to the concern team. 2. The team prepares an itemized reply to the client quarries on the same working day and is forwarded to the client. The client receives the response within 24 hours of sending the mail.

Privacy and confidentiality

We do not demand any personal details of the client which should disclose his/her identity, like name, designation, place or institution of work, the purpose of research, co-authors or sources of funding. The two-way communication is primarily through the client's email, that is provided to us. All the written segments are delivered to the client in that email account only. The copy of the manuscript is saved with us so long as we are working on it. Once the client accepted it, we delete it from our records; the patient-related data is accepted in an excel format ( provided by us) which only has the option of study variables and does not include data related to patients identity. We do not demand or accept patients photographs, investigations reports or any other medical records that could disclose a patients identity.

ask for assistance

Writing an article or dissertation was never easier. just submit project details with expected time for completion.

how do we charge ?


Rates We charge 150 USD for every task that is likely to take a trained person to do in eight hours shift.

1. client wants us to search for all the studies related to the role of drug A and drug B in the pain management after laparoscopic surgery. It will take us two working days, so we quote a price of 300 USD. and ask for four working days as it will require many people to complete and go through internal quality control. We send the client a draft after four days, in which the client points out that specific type of studies should also be included. We will do that as well. Fee for the task will be 300 USD only for the entire work irrespective of the distribution of the job.

2. The client wants us to write a 3000 worded original article on:" comparison of drug A with drug B in spinal anesthesia in laparoscopic surgery. This work will take us around 12 working days to complete. We quote 1800 USD for this work. This manuscript will go back and forth between us a client for another three months before the client says its ok, but charges will be 1500 USD only.


Every new client gets a test slot of one day ( 8 hours ). The client sends us a detailed description of the work required time he/she can give us. We complete the work and deliver it to the client. If the client finds the work satisfactory, he/she transfer our 150 USD fee to our account. After the trial run, we expect the client to make an advance payment of the price agreed before we start our work.