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09 October

India is diabetes capital of the world with projected population 80 millions diabetic by 2030. We are exploring current scientific research , why number of diabetic patients is rising in India. India : The diabetes capital of the world. Current scenario Current studies  shows that 9.1 percent of India population is diabetic. It i s […]

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02 August

Four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound (real-time volume sonography), a technology, started in developed world for encouraging  bonding of the parents with the fetus. It  is  widely been perceived to be  used for sex determination during pregnancy in India. 4D ultrasound or live 3D ultrasound provides  real lifelike foetal images in real time,  . It help doctors to see […]

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08 July

India carries the biggest burden of Retinoblastoma globally, with an estimated 1500 new cases annually, which account for almost 20% of total Retinoblastoma population. Regular screening of the children at risk at is must for early identification and management. Panel issues first U.S. guidelines for childhood #retinoblastoma screening – American Academy of Ophthalmology https://t.co/aj2Zs20T1a pic.twitter.com/JnsiTkfJ9c — OPHTHALMOLOGIST […]

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01 July

People go blind in their primes, often by the mistakes which could have been avoided by simple precautions. Some useful tips which can make people are extra cautious so as to keep their eye safe.

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