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14 February

We have made a list of eye hospitals of Bangalore , suitable for cataract surgery. It is based of the details of facility and expertise which are required to ensure good results after the procedure.

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06 February

Most of the cataract surgeons in India practice what they call as surgical packages for what they charge for doing cataract surgeries. Some tips for patients to help in what to pick.

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27 June

cataract surgery has no fixed formula to calculate a cost, but there are few rules which worth to be mentioned.

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24 June

It explores the prevelane of inappropriate catarat surgeries in india, when cataract surgeries are performed when these are not actually required in patients.

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13 June

What should you do if you are told that you have a cataract? It’s a stepwise guide to help you decide what to pick when you have multiple options to choose. The aim is to enable you to take an informed decision at every crossroad of your treatment plan. You had a problem in reading […]

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11 June

From accurate clinical diagnosis to autonomously operating surgical robots, AI has more to offer than we have asked for. The ophthalmic practice had changed with the advent of every new technological breakthrough. The intra-ocular lens in sixties and minimally invasive cataract surgeries in nineties had a significant impact on the practice. Both of these technologies revolutionized […]

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06 June

India is also home to around 9 million blinds out of which one third have preventable blindness. Later means that we can treat it if we have capabilities and intention to treat. NPCB has done a great job in containing the problem of preventable blindness in India. When comes to delivery of results in any […]

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