Technology and You

Technology and You, provided the insight into what exactly a new and popular technology means to a user in terms of real advantages over old technologies  and valid downsides.

Layout of article

#1 Segment : Whats new about this new technology ?

technology and you 1

This segment define the what  the new technology is all about, and what makes it the new and advanced over the existing one.

#2 Segment : What was older technology doing the same job ?

This segment define the what is the older technology doing the same job as the new one, and how does the older technology worked ?

technology and you 2

#3 Segment: Why does the older technology needed to be changed?

technology and you 3

This segment define the situations when the  the older  technology was not effective . It defines that unmet need that the new technology  is suppose to address.

#4 Segment: The advantages of new technology ?

This segment speaks about the advantages offered by the new technology over the older technologies. It tells the user why should he/she opt for this new technology.

technology and you 4

#5 Segment: The disadvantages of new technology ?

technology and you 5

This segment speaks about the disadvantages and the risk associated with  new technology It tells the user why should he/she stay away this new technology.

#6 Segment: Conclusion

Take home message OR the actionable insight to the user .

technology and you 6

#7 Segment: Useful resources

technology and you 7

Other blogs and article which can provide a user with more in depth knowledge about this topic.

#8 Segment: Authors Bio

Authors photo,  bio and social media links .

Submit your article for “Behind the offers” segment

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Instruction to authors

Article should have following segment

#1 Segment : Whats new about this new technology ?

#2 Segment : What was older technology doing the same job ?

#3 Segment: Why does the older technology needed to be changed?

#4 Segment: The advantages of new technology ?

#5 Segment: The disadvantages of new technology ?

#6 Segment: Conclusion

#7 The resources

#8 Authors Bio

Word limit ( 1000-1500)


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