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News,  trends, resources and more, about different  medical issues. It is meant to provide actionable insight about current medical practice.

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In a study published in the prestigious journal,  Lancet Global Health, 2018, Kirti Iyengar and Kristina Gemzell Danielsson have called for need for overhaul of policy on contraception and abortion in India.

Efforts to counter medical malpractice in India.

Various doctor’s associations and  non-profit organisations are joining hands to counter  corruption in medical practice. Their efforts and achievements. Read more…..

The excessive use of mobile phones can be harmful” , is no more a mere hypothesis. Recent studies are strongly in favour that it has many harmful effects in humans , even the potential to cause cancer.


Mohalla clinics in Delhi

First point of contact for the people seeking health care in Delhi.

Medical tourism: trends, reasons, and a lesson

Are the issue of cost and quality the only parameter which decides where a patient will go medical tourism? Are these trends of medical tourism, more universal ? Is there any lesson to be learned ?

Blindness control in India: Can it be left to government agencies?

around 9 million blinds out of which one third have preventable blindness. Later means that we can treat it if we have capabilities and intention to treat. NPCB has done a great job in containing the problem of preventable blindness in India.


How to search online information about any disease : important tips for patients.

There are some excellent online sources for such type of information , where as most others are inaccurate , incomplete and often plain advertisements. These are important tips for online search for any medical conditions so that you can have accurate information from credible source.

Online doctor search websites: risks for associated doctors.

Websites offers the doctor good online visibility and availability, just like other streams; are there any risks associated with these kind of associations for doctors? I think risks are real and multiple

14 must know facts before having Lasik laser procedure for myopia.

People often opt to have the Lasik laser procedure without knowing what exactly it is and why should they to have it. These are 14 important facts , you must know before having Lasik laser procedure for myopia .

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