• Cataract surgery
  • Cataract surgery training
  • LASIK Laser and Refractive surgery
  • LASIK laser training
  • Medical training and research


Listing catagories

The Listing owner has to select only one category which he/she can list. 

There are three primary  categories of listings to chose.

  • Services
  • Facility/ organisation
  • Professional

There are many secondary categories which in turn may have few tertiary categories.

You should select the category ( usually tertiary category)  most specific to your service facility or professional profile. It is likely to be the sub- category of any one primary categories.

Catagories at simplesolutions 1

Once your have selected the category, you will have the option of selecting the listing features and additional business info  specific about any particular category.

listing features at simplesolutions

Levels of catagories

There are multiple  primary levels of categories. 


Each one of the primary category is  further divided  in multiple secondary categories.

Clinical services

Surgical services

Radiological services

Pathology and Diagnostic services

Medical education research and training

Medical writing

Medical Publications services

Hospital Administration

Medical equipment and instruments,

Contract research services

Clinic trails

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