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Get your practice listed on SimpleSolutions now ?

SimpleSolutions is an uniques services listing site, with thousands of users visiting each month to select an appropriate service provider for them. Health care service providers along with the professionals and facilities can be listed on SimpleSolutions for free!  Being on SimpleSolutions will increase your exposure to a large, qualified audience who are looking for someone exactly like you. Getting listed is easy; if you are a healthcare professional, I will not take more than a minute.

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How can your Practice/Service get listed?

There are two ways:  you list your service or practice yourself, or a SimpleSolutions user can write a review of your practice and initiate a listing.


How to check if you are already listed ?

Before you request a listing, go to SimpleSolutions Home to see if a user has already added your practice  to SimpleSolutions.


Type your name, or  the name of your facility/organisation in the box. If it appears in the results drop down, a user has already initiated a listing. Select your listing/practice from the drop down and then click the “Claim now” button to confirm that you are affiliated with the practice.

If your practice is already listed, you should claim that listing as your own instead of creating a new one. SimpleSolutions TripAdvisor only allows one listing per property.

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How to claim your listing already created by a user?

Simple click the “Claim now” button on the right hand side bar and fill your detailed in the “Claim now ”  pop up form. 

You can easily claiming your practice/profile will give you access your dashboard where you can get total of your practice/profile listings. You can start generating more leads by starting ads campaign or offer coupons or deals.

Earn claimed badge to indicate verified. Add photos, video etc.

Edit practice/profile listing, add photos, video etc.

Promote your listing with ads to drive conversion of visitors into paid clients.

Start receiving messages from lead.

Create Deals/Coupons, add photos, video etc.

claim your listing at simplesolutions

How to submit a new listing?

If your practice is not listed on SimpleSolutions yet, there won’t be any matches in the drop-down search results. In that case, click the “Add listing” link below the search box. It will bring you to a page where you can request a listing for your practice.

You’ll need to provide a few different types of information about your practice to get started. SimpleSolutions editors will use this information to confirm that your business meets our listing criteria and to determine the best category for it on the site. Please complete the request form with as much detail as possible to help us accurately list your practice.

add listing at simple solutions

What are different plans for listing ?

You can list your practice for free in the basic plan. For plans with added features for promotion, are available as annual subscription plans. You can choose the plan that suits the requirements of your practice.

Details required to add listing

Name of the listing is the most important part of the listing .  It should be clear , concise , distinct and unambiguous.

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A simple statement about what change are you services making to lives of people around you. It is not about what you do. It is about the people you are serving. How are you making their lives better? Read more

The listing owner should provide a complete address with pin code/ zip code, so that visitor can locate the service provider if required. It the address where the listing owner intends to provide/organize the listed service.

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identity and location on simple solutions

The Listing owner can add business hours to its listing which will be displayed on the right-sided sidebar on the listing profile page. Read more..

The Listing owner has to select one category which he/she can list. 

There are three broad categories of listings to chose.

Listing feature are specific characteristics or features related to a particular category. It helps the user to differentiate between any two listings. Read more

Additional info

Price setting

Common Issues / Problems faced by clients

Tags, key words

Social media profile links

description of practice at simple solutions

Dashboard for owners of a listing

Dashboard at Simplesolutions gives the listing owner freedom to explore all the free and tools required to promote the services/practice or profile to the visitors who are looking for someone like you. The listing owner can have options/tools to improve his/her practice.




Advertisements campaigns


Inbox for messages




Dashboard allows you to post announcement by filling a form which can be posted   on the users listing.

announcements at simple solutions
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The Listing owner can exhibit any event on his/her listing, using a form for events at the Dashboard.

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The listing owner can post coupons and deal, which will be displayed in the search pages and the listing pages of the owners listing.

Advertisements campaigns

The listing owner can post advertisements, which will be displayed in the search pages and the listing pages of the owners listing.


A person visiting the listing can give a star rating to it or write a review about it. the Listing owner can reply to the user’s reviews. Both the user’s review and the owner’s reply will be visible to the public on the listing page.

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Review at simplesolutions

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