FAQs before listing

You can check the list of categories in which we list the services. if you offer a service which falls under any category , you can list your services. if you could not find the name of service, you wish to list, you can write to us , so that we can create a category for you.

Usually a listing is done by a listing owner. A listing can also be done by anyone working for a service provider or any other user of this website. In the later case, the listing can be claimed by the listing owner .

A user can list as many listing as required in any category. One can also have multiple listings in same category also.

No . there can not be two similar listing by same service by any specific service provider. if the service , which you want to list, has already been listed by someone else, you can claim that listing.

No. Listing is free. There are no hidden charges for listing your services. There is no need to submit your credit card details to list.

No. Primary purpose of the site is to enable the user to contact the service provider directly. So listing is not allowed without a valid contact telephone number and contact address.

Yes, you can change the listing details once it is done. you can even change the category in which the primary listing is been done.

No. We only allow listing of services, not the facility or service provider.

If a service provider is delivering a particular service at multiple locations, yes there can be  multiple listings with same name at multiple locations.

You should have a separate listing for each of the service that you list for your facility.

FAQs about listing category

it is advisable to list in the final subcategory , which is most appropriate for your service. you should avoid listing the same service in two categories as it causes problems in SEO.

The Listing owner has to select only one category for any one specific service, he/she wants to  list. 

You should select the category most specific to your service facility or professional profile. It is likely to be the sub- category of any one primary categories.

List of listing categories

there are many reasons a submitted listing is not approved.

1.The ALL  required sub fields are NOT COMPLETELY FILLED .

It is important to ensure that a listing profile is complete , as it prevents a bad experience to the visitor to the site. site is primarily designed to help a visitor decide in selecting the best service provider for the particular service he/she looking for. 

2. Listing is submitted in wrong category. we ask the client to correct the category and resubmit the listing.

3. listing is not relevant to the core mission of the site.

4. Same listing was already been done by some one else. we request the client to claim the existing listing .

Either of the cases, user will receive an email from the admin citing the reason and advising the course of correction. listing are approved after appropriate changes.

FAQs about location

You should have two separate listings for each of two locations.

Yes, you can change the locations of your listing whenever you want. but it has to be updated on google map.

FAQs about user reviews

No. User reviews are help other users in making informed decision about their choice. The users can not be stopped from writing the reviews.

Listing owner can not remove or delete any review posted by a user. However, if the listing owner finds a message, offensive or wrong, he / she can ask for  the editing or deletion of the message/review to the admin. ONLY ADMIN CAN  REMOVE/EDIT  A  REVIEW/MESSAGE POSTED BY A USER.