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Get your Eye care services listed on SimpleSolutions now ?

SimpleSolutions is an uniques services listing site, with thousands of users visiting each month to select an appropriate service provider for them.

Being on SimpleSolutions will increase your exposure to a large, qualified audience who are looking for someone exactly like you. Getting listed is easy; I will not take more than few minutes.

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Which services do we list ?

  1. Anticancer ( Oncology) Drugs
  2. Anti-Hepatitis Drug
  3. Anti-HIV Drug
  4.  Haematology Drugs
  5. Nephrology Drugs
  6. Neurology Drugs
  7. Cardiology Drugs
  8. Gynaecology Drugs
  1. Cataract surgery training 
  2. Lasik laser training.

1. Modular Operation Theater suppliers

2. Operation Theater Lights

3. Medical Gas Pipeline System

4. Hospital Furniture

  1. Cataract surgery
  2. Lasik laser and refractive  surgery
  3. Retina services
  4. Glaucoma services
  5. Cornea services
  6. Eye examination
  7. Refraction services
  8. Optician services
  1. Cardiac-Vesicular Surgery
  2. Spinal Surgery
  3. Neurosurgery
  4. Neurosurgery
  5. Urology
  6. Orthopedic surgery
  7. ENT Surgery
wht do we mean by services

What does " services" mean ?

To us , it means " a business that offers a particular type or work or help ". Presently we are listing services related to eye care only. We do not list any service provider ( hospital clinic, nursing home etc). later is mentioned as the organisation /professional proving the above mentioned service.


1. How can your Practice/Service get listed?

2. How to check if you are already listed ?

3. How to claim your listing already created by a user?

4. How to submit a new listing?

5. What are different plans for listing ?

6. Details required to add listing

7. Name and identity of the listing

8. Address

9. Location on Google Map

10. Business hours.

11. Category

12. listing features

13.  Know more about us

13 A  : Our team and expertise.

13 B: Why should you buy our services?

13 C : What’s unique about us ?

13 D : Our facility and technology ?

13 E : What exactly are our services ?

13 F : What is the itinerary of the service package ?

13 G : How can you avail our services ?

13 H : What we will provide?

13 I: What you have to bring or ( not bring) ?

14. What is our story? 

15. Common Issues / Problems faced by clients

16. Social media profile links

17. Tags and keywords

18. Pitch your services

19. Photos

20. Terms and conditions

21.  Dashboard for owners of a listing

22. Announcements 

22, Events

23. Coupons

24. Advertisements campaigns

25. Reviews

1. How can your Practice/Service get listed?


There are two ways:  you list your service or  yourself, or a SimpleSolutions user can write a review of your practice and initiate a listing. 

2. How to check if you are already listed ?

claim your listing at simple solutions 1

Before you request a listing, go to SimpleSolutions Home to see if a user has already added your practice  to SimpleSolutions.

Type your name, or  the name of your facility/organisation in the box. If it appears in the results drop down, a user has already initiated a listing. Select your listing/practice from the drop down and then click the “Claim now” button to confirm that you are affiliated with the practice.

If your SERVICE  is already listed, you should claim that listing as your own instead of creating a new one. SimpleSolutions  only allows one listing per SERVICE per property.

3. How to claim your listing already created by a user?

claim your listing at simplesolutions

Simple click the “Claim now” button on the right hand side bar and fill your detailed in the “Claim now ”  pop up form. 

You can easily claiming your practice/profile will give you access your dashboard where you can get total of your practice/profile listings. You can start generating more leads by starting ads campaign or offer coupons or deals.

Earn claimed badge to indicate verified. Add photos, video etc.

Edit practice/profile listing, add photos, video etc.

Promote your listing with ads to drive conversion of visitors into paid clients.

Start receiving messages from lead.

Create Deals/Coupons, add photos, video etc.

4. How to submit a new listing?

add listing at simple solutions

If your practice is not listed on SimpleSolutions yet, there won’t be any matches in the drop-down search results. In that case, click the “Add listing” link below the search box. It will bring you to a page where you can request a listing for your practice.

You’ll need to provide a few different types of information about your practice to get started.

SimpleSolutions editors will use this information to confirm that your business meets our listing criteria and to determine the best category for it on the site.

Please complete the request form with as much detail as possible to help us accurately list your practice.

5 . What are different plans for listing ?

Simple solutions, plans

You can list your practice absolutely free . There no hidden charges or card details required to list.

6 . Details required to add listing

identity and location on simple solutions

7 . Name and identity of the listing

Name of the service SimpleSolutions

Name of the listing is the most critical part of the listing. It should be concise and unambiguous.

Do not include the name of the facility or doctor or the city in the service name as later makes the name long.

A long name is not completely visible in the mobile view. It makes it difficult for a user to differentiate the name of your service from others.

Ensure that name of your services, including all the familiar names used for that service or similar services are included in Tags or keywords section.

City ( to be added by admin)

City is add by admin only.  this custom space should be left blank by the client. the admin will allot the nearest city , as per the address filled by the client.


Add the telephone address of the facility/service provider for the listed service.  it is better if you give the number of the contact person who can co-ordinate between client and the team providing the services. You can a more than one contact number if want.

8 . Address

address on simple solutions

The listing owner should provide a complete address including Name of the facility and   Pin code/ Zip code, so that visitor can locate the service provider if required. It the address where the listing owner intends to provide/organize the listed service.

9 . Location on Google Maps

listing owner provide the manual coordinates of the exact location of he facility or drop pin on the google map.

Without correct coordinates, location of the listing will not be visible on the google map.

How to find Manual coordinated for your location?

Step one: Go to your location on the Google map, which manual coordinates, you are trying to find.

Step Two : Right click on that location to open the drop down window shown in the figure below . Click on tab “What’s here?“.wo

Step Three : The manual coordinates of the location are available at the bottum of the scree. hree

coordinates on google map

Step Four : Copy the coordinated and paste in sub-fields provided.

How to drop pin for your location?


Step one: Click the link Drop Pin to open the Google map with an icon for location. minimize the google map ( using – sign at bottom right) to bring the location icon to your country followed by your city.


Step two: Once the location icon is on your city, maximize the Google Map using the 
+ sign at bottom right ) to bring the icon on exact location on google map.


Step three : Once the icon has be placed at correct position , click on the screen outside the Google map to drop the google coordinates .

address of the listing

Step four: Add the complete address in the field “add custom address” including the name of the facility.

10 . Business hours.


The Listing owner can add business hours to its listing which will be displayed on the right-sided sidebar on the listing profile page. Listing owners have the following option to chose

Days and timing.

Twelve hours or 24 hours schedule.

Two schedules.

11 . Category

categories in simlesolutions

The Listing owner has to select one category which he/she can list.

A listing owner might be offering more than one service but any one service can only be listed under one specific category.


Catagories at simplesolutions 1

The category can be chosen from the drop down menu of the custom field  for the category.

Once the listing category is selected, the custom fields  for “listing features” and “know more about us ” will pop up.

12. listing features

listing features at SS

Listing feature are specific characteristics or features related to a particular category. It helps the user to differentiate between any two listings.

13 . Know more about us

13 A : Our team and expertise.


As the business adage goes “bet on the jockey, not the horse.” When it comes to delivering any service, the team of the people behind it matters more than anything else. it matters more that the advanced technology one has or how well equipped the facility is.  

Clients pay lot of attention to the person leading the show and team he/she has to support . After all, the outcome of the service depends upon what the leader and team are capable of delivering.

Think like this- if you have decided to buy a service, there are no quantifiable  metrics to measure how does a system work. But there is certain qualitative information on the people behind the business.

  1. List you key team members beside the leader. You should avoid mentioning the name of everyone working for you, but focus on the key team members who are popular and are responsible for the success of your business or company.
  2. Focus on elaborating the roles and responsibilities which can be relate to the clients needs rather than the ranks and designations which are often not understood by everyone.
  3. Tell a story about your key members, how they have worked together and have created something as valuable as your practice/business.

13 B: Why should you buy our services?

why should you by from us?

The most important reason why a client buys your service is , to get their most important problem solved..

To effectively promote your services, you must know what what those pressing problem are and  How well you address can solve them. Cultivate the habit of listening carefully to your target audiences’ expressed opinions and feelings—particularly as they relate to your services.

Now having understood the way a client thinks, try to  impress upon the client , that not only do you understand their problems, but you have capabilities and the intention to solve them. Tell them how far do you go to help your clients to solve his problems.

13 C : What’s unique about us ?

Don’t be a commodity that customers can find anywhere. Position yourself as something unique, and show people you are unique, don’t just tell them. Deliver value to your target customers, and you won’t be one of the choices, you’ll be the only choice.

what is unique about us ?

Ask a hundred business owners in a category what their points of distinction are. You’ll hear adjectives like high quality, affordable, fast, reliable, convenient or experienced.

A business that is well-positioned does one or two things excellent, and is known as the best in a specific part of their industry.

An unremarkable business tries to do everything under the sun, and does not excel in any of their offerings.

Think about what sets you apart. Refine what it is you do that no one else or very few other people can do. How does that relate to the customers that you want to attract? If you had just these ideal customers, would you be able to sustain your business?

Play to your strengths. Downplay or marginalize your weaknesses. Ask yourself if that the work that you want to be doing in a few years time. If you can answer affirmative to all of these, you have the beginnings of a unique value proposition.

13 D : Our facility and technology ?

technology and facility

Some of the questions that a client is usually concerned.

  1. What is the location of the facility, in context to accessibility.
  2. Modern amenities included accessibility for people with disability
  3. Year of establishment of facility/business.
  4. if the services entails use of modern technology/equipment, a brief description about technology/equipment will be helpful.
  5. Emphasize on the value the new technology will bring to the client.

13 E : What exactly are our services ?

What exactly are our services ?

Each and every organisation faces  the same issue:

How to develop a profitable service model?

The usual course the companies follow  is to  diversify their services and becoming an “All things to all people” firm.

The problem with this approach is that too many offerings devalue your services. The increased number of services decreases efficiency, increases operating costs and makes it nearly impossible to create a consistent client experience for a client.

Step 1: Define your client profile.
Define the client profiles of the types of people you want to serve.  This clarifies whom you want to serve, which enables you to build a service model customized for those clients.

Step 2: Define your clients’ needs.
Next, answer the following question: “What are the needs of my client profiles?” Write out a comprehensive list of all the services each of your client profiles will need in order for you to solve their particular challenges and meet their goals. This should be a comprehensive list, including those services that your firm may not be able or willing to offer.

Step 3: Determine the services you will offer.
The final step is to answer the following question: “What services do I want to offer?” Go through your list and circle the services your firm will offer. You should focus on the services you do well. Then, identify strategic partners or other resources that will be able to provide solutions for the remaining, uncircled services. At the end of this exercise, you will have defined the service model for each of your client profiles.
From here, you will want to develop the client experience for each of your service models.

13 F : What is the itinerary of the service package ?

What you do might be a part of daily routine, but it is often a once in  life time experience for your client.

Walk through your client with the itinerary of the service package , so that they are aware of what will be offered to them and they can  plan their day  accordingly. You can divide the itinerary in daily or hourly break up schedule.

13 G : How can you avail our services ?

Worst that can happen in any business is to have a willing customer, who could not find a way to buy your services. Often the reason is difficult and complex procedure , a client has to follow to avail the services.

You need to figure out how to make your  complex  or complicated ” How to order ? ” task , simple and easy to understand and follow.

Here are 3 tips you can apply in almost any situation to simplify the task.

  1.  Translate it a simple language.
  2.  Break it into small segments.
  3. Create a visual map.

13 H: What we will provide?

It always helps if you can let your clients know what they do not have to worry about. it helps the client to focus on other more important things .

13 I : What you have to bring or ( not bring) ?

It is common to see patients showing up without required accessories, documents, records or equipment , which you expect them to have. enlist those clearly to help client remember that.

description of practice at simple solutions

14. what is our story ?

what is our story simple solutions

You know that storytelling is an art. 

It is the stories which  bring people together and inspire them to act and respond.


It’s also a process worth mastering for both your business and your customers. 

Consumer doesn’t decide to buy based on what you’re selling, but rather why you’re selling it. 

Storytelling helps you communicate that “why” in a creative, engaging way. 

Plus,  storytelling is more fun.


Some useful resource to help you tell your story

15. Common Issues / Problems faced by clients

16. Social media profile links

17. Tags and keywords

Simple solutions, tags and keywords

Tags and keyword are important for Listing to get searched , when a user types a word in the search bar. all the words of the name should be separated by common as user may not type the complete name in the search bar. Important points  to be included in the tags and keywords are

video and photos at simple solutions

Pitch your services to your clients

20. Dashboard for owners of a listing




Advertisements campaigns


Inbox for messages



Dashboard at Simplesolutions gives the listing owner freedom to explore all the free and tools required to promote the services/practice or profile to the visitors who are looking for someone like you. The listing owner can have options/tools to improve his/her practice.

21. Announcements 

announcements at simple solutions
events at simplesolutions 1

Dashboard allows you to post announcement by filling a form which can be posted   on the users listing.

22. Events

event at simplesolutions2

The Listing owner can exhibit any event on his/her listing, using a form for events at the Dashboard.

23. Coupons

The listing owner can post coupons and deal, which will be displayed in the search pages and the listing pages of the owners listing.

24. Advertisements campaigns

The listing owner can post advertisements, which will be displayed in the search pages and the listing pages of the owners listing.

25. Reviews

Review at simplesolutions 1
Review at simplesolutions

A person visiting the listing can give a star rating to it or write a review about it. the Listing owner can reply to the user’s reviews. Both the user’s review and the owner’s reply will be visible to the public on the listing page.

Like this: