Running : How important is it for health and fitness ?

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Physical inactivity continues to be the underlying cause of  millions of deaths per year. it is  from diabetes, obesity and cardio-vascular disorders.. Five to 10 minutes per day of running  at around 6 miles per hour can reduce this risk.  Recent researches have established that Runners  live longer than non-runners.


The physical inactivity is a global public health concern as it often leading to a worldwide epidemic of non-communicable diseases like obesity and cardio-vascular disease.

Why running is good ? 

Running has certain distinct advantages over walking.

 Five to 10 minutes per day of running  at around 6 miles per hour can reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and other causes. Runners have been found to live longer than non-runners even after adjusting for other factors.

Regular running is a popular people do to increase physical activity, often  undertaken by those seeking a healthier lifestyle . 

Easy to perform

 Running needs nothing else but to run. It does not need to have any dedicated skills or training.



A pair of decent shoes is all you want.

Time efficient


It is one of the most time efficient ways to lose weight and increase stamina and improve cardiovascular functions. Quite like drugs , running can be quantified in dose. Longer you run, greater will be the benefits

Accessible and Inexpensive  to start 


In real life, does not need any significant investment to start running as a way of increasing physical exercises Not only the requirement of equipment and accessories like shoes is minimal , it does not need a significant investment of time either.

Easy to maintain running  for long term

Research has shown that ⅔ of the people who start running as a way of exercise continue to do so even after 6 weeks which is lower dropout rate as compared to other forms of exercise. So if you start running , it’s quite likely you will continue it for long.

How does running benefits us ?

Fat metabolism 

Weight reduction due reduction in percentage body fat with no significant changes in lean body mass.

Cardiac function

Lung function

Running not only makes legs stronger, but also improves the strength of ventilator muscles ( muscles which help in breathing) and oxygen exchange at lungs.

Mental health


  1. Helpful  in people with depression.
  2. Improves the mental health of those who are not having any mental health disorder.

Injuries associate with running.

Running has been reported to be associated with  a substantial risk of running related injuries. Recent studies report that  incidence of running related  injuries may be as high as  30 injuries per 1000 h of running exposure in a in novice runners which may be reported in as much as  30 % of novice runners in 1 year R

However, the scientific reports say that the benifits associated with running far outweigh the risk.

Running is known to  significantly reduces much more dangerous outcomes , such as death (due to heart attacks) and  other disability like obesity and diabetes.

Conclusion : running should be a priority for all of us , for fitness and long term health.

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