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Category: Obesity

27 November

Obesity is continuously rising in various parts of the world. Individual behaviors and environmental factors lead to excess caloric intake and inadequate amounts of physical activity.The commonly attributed factors are Increased snacking  Move sugary snacks away from checkouts and shop entrances, obesity campaigners sayhttps://t.co/Sbg4Wmvi8F pic.twitter.com/Lq2KnWp3Pv — ITV News (@itvnews) November 17, 2018 Larger portion sizes  […]

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17 September

Credit : Pixabay Physical inactivity continues to be the underlying cause of  millions of deaths per year. it is  from diabetes, obesity and cardio-vascular disorders.. Five to 10 minutes per day of running  at around 6 miles per hour can reduce this risk.  Recent researches have established that Runners  live longer than non-runners.   The physical inactivity is a global […]

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14 September

Researchers have reported that countries where people walk a lot , have lesser incidence of obesity . These are some important facts about  walking for weight reduction. Content: Obesity : The adverse effects Walking:  The best choice Solution to the problem Track your daily progress Monitor  your weight , body fat and BMI conclusion 1. […]

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11 September

With  approximately two-thirds of the adult population being  overweight or obese. its important for everybody to know, what exactly should be ones weight, appropriate for age and gender.  Obesity is linked to many medical, psychological, and social conditions, so  its is important that we keep a check on it. obesity The increased prevalence of obesity these […]

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