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Category: Diabetes

17 October

A recent ICMR research report says that more than half of respondent said no when asked, ” have you ever heard the term Diabetes” . Equally surprising is the fact the even those who said yes, half of them did not know that diabetes can be actually prevented. We are exploring the scientific ways to […]

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12 October

We have the world’s largest population of diabetes in india. But not many indians know the disease “Diabetes” , let alone knowing the ways to prevent it. We are exploring the level of diabetes awareness in indian population. These are some startling observations reported in a recent ICMR  research report . Percentage of Indians who have  […]

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09 October

India is diabetes capital of the world with projected population 80 millions diabetic by 2030. We are exploring current scientific research , why number of diabetic patients is rising in India. India : The diabetes capital of the world. Current scenario Current studies  shows that 9.1 percent of India population is diabetic. It i s […]

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27 September

It is a common misunderstanding  that  free sugars or sweet tasting  food can rapidly elevate the blood glucose and is responsible for diabetes. we discuss the recent scientific evidence which says that weight gain not free sugar, which is the main culprit. Content Diabetes : presentations. Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Sugar intake in diabetes. […]

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