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11 June

From accurate clinical diagnosis to autonomously operating surgical robots, AI has more to offer than we have asked for. The ophthalmic practice had changed with the advent of every new technological breakthrough. The intra-ocular lens in sixties and minimally invasive cataract surgeries in nineties had a significant impact on the practice. Both of these technologies revolutionized […]

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09 June

Changing the glasses is not enough . Newer research shows that we can slow the myopia progression rather than being the mute spectators. Your son is having difficulty in seeing the blackboard and is taken to the doctor. He says your son needs  glasses. Sorry, your son has myopia. He comes back with spectacles on […]

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06 June

India is also home to around 9 million blinds out of which one third have preventable blindness. Later means that we can treat it if we have capabilities and intention to treat. NPCB has done a great job in containing the problem of preventable blindness in India. When comes to delivery of results in any […]

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04 June

Do we need a reliable and effective Central Medicare Act or a policy to limit the number of patients a doctor should attend in a given facility and time? Maybe both. At a recently held national seminar on “Violence against doctors,” hosted by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), a demand was to bring in a reliable […]

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03 June

It is not only the overlooking of our humanitarian responsibility, but refusal to Pakistani nationals to receive treatment in India also causes economic loss to us. There were many media reports that the government has significantly reduced the number of the visas issued to Pakistani nationals coming to India to seek medical treatment. If we keep […]

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01 June

Private practice is often cited as a cause for non-availability of doctors for government hospitals. Private practice is seen as a sure shot way to make easy money. We think it is not. Graduation Out of the total student who joins MBBS courses in India, only one fourth to half of the students get admission […]

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