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01 August

In a study published in the prestigious journal,  Lancet Global Health, 2018, Kirti Iyengar and Kristina Gemzell Danielsson have called for need for overhaul of policy on contraception and abortion in India. The problem estimate It points to the huge burden of unintended pregnancy in India as India’s family welfare programme has been sterilisation-focused and the contraceptive […]

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30 July

Mohalla clinics have been in the center of political and public discourse for quite some time. we are exploring its  evolution from  inception as a single clinic to its future prospects of shaping our health policy  to be inclusive and affordable for everyone. Introduction   (Mohalla in Hindi language means neighbourhood or community) First set up […]

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28 July

Social media is the fastest trend in the world with more than  2 billion monthly active users as of first quarter of year 2018. These are some of the important tips , which can be used increase your medical practice using popular social media profile. Promotion of practice : why is it important ? It’s not about you , […]

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21 July

Online search for disease and health related information , is the primary method used by everyone to learn about health and disease. There are some excellent online sources for such type of information , where as most others are inaccurate , incomplete and often plain advertisements. These are important tips for online search for any […]

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16 July

The doctor consultations are  focused  on prescribing you the correct treatment . You often have more unanswered questions than  answers after every doctor consultation visit. These are some important tips to make best of your doctor consultation visit. 1. Understand your doctor before you consult. Area of specialization and popularity: There are super specializations with in […]

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15 July

Online consultation with the doctors is getting more and more common, as everybody is busy and has a credit card. If  you have any medical problem , just log in any online doctor search and consultation websites and consult a doctor on phone. The important tips to make best out of every online consultation with […]

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09 July

often people book appointment with wrong doctor on a doctor search website. these are few must know facts which will help you find a doctor you actually need.

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08 July

India carries the biggest burden of Retinoblastoma globally, with an estimated 1500 new cases annually, which account for almost 20% of total Retinoblastoma population. Regular screening of the children at risk at is must for early identification and management. Panel issues first U.S. guidelines for childhood #retinoblastoma screening – American Academy of Ophthalmology https://t.co/aj2Zs20T1a pic.twitter.com/JnsiTkfJ9c — OPHTHALMOLOGIST […]

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07 July

People often opt to have the Lasik laser procedure without knowing what exactly it is and why should they to have it. These are 14 important facts , you must know before having Lasik laser procedure for myopia .

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05 July

some basic tips about what exactly is Chikungunya fever and what has to be done in that.

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