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Submitting a guest post

Want to speak your views about eye  care issues ?

Scientific publication in peer review journal is arguably the best way to contribute to the field of science, but these have very limited readership. It is even more limited among the people who are not from the medical fraternity.

Now the question is, how should you contribute to the understanding about health and diseases,  to the people it matters?

A detailed and well-researched blog post about an issue, you are concerned and sharing it with people it matters, is one of the ways.

It will not only help you affect a change you want to see but also assist in building a good reputation among readers.

Why should you post?

Speak what you feel. It will give you the best mouthpiece to speak about an issue you are concerned with or point you want to make.

Brand building

Blogs have certain distinct advantages as a mean to attract the attention of the ordinary people and doctor of other specialties to the issue you intend to highlight. It demands low investment as compared to textbooks and peer review journals and has a broader readership.


 It is probably the best way to let everybody know that you can provide a solution to a particular patient’s related issue, which you are discussing in the blog.

Enhanced online visibility

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says  “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” As a medical practitioner, it means what perception people have about your reputation and professional connectivity. The perception is significantly affected by the patient ‘s experience and services that you provide. 


 The social media is increasingly getting flooded with the content which is either directly about a person you interacted with or an event you participated. 


So it’s your choice. You can actively control it to shape the public perception the way you want to them perceive, or you can leave it to chance. Its unlikely that your competitors are would take this issue casually.


Greater is your engagement with patients in social media, easier will it be for you to achieve your targets of practice, be it in getting newer patients or their willingness to accept your services.

Who should contribute?

  • Everyone
  • People from medical fraternity are usually more concerned and informed about the medical and health-related issues, but that doesn’t mean these are the only people who matter.
  • If you think, your views are original and benefit our readers if shared; we would be honored to have your post published.
  • People with local/regional knowledge about a condition, services, etc have a valuable contribution to make if they write.
  • We usually invite people to write a blog for us whose contribution will be beneficial to our readers. These are often the people we are well published in their field.

Few things to remember before submitting a blog.

  • Quality of post: we look for the blogs which are well researched and referenced and usually more than 1000 words.
  • Photos and videos in the blogs are required, but we want them to be either from credit free source or credited to the owner.
  • Credit: Most of the health-related posts have facts and data, used to substantiate an argument. We request the writer to provide references to peer review article to validate it.
  • Self-promotion: as a policy, we do not approve a post directed primarily to promote self, clinic, hospital, drug, or any other commercial activity. Excellent blog posts reaching our huge reader base will build you a brand value, which can not be matched by any amount of self-promotion.
  • Copyright: for any post to be published with us, the author has to transfer the copyright of that post to us, for legal reasons.
  • Comment: Comments are the conversations about your published article. Answer any queries related to your article via the comments. Comments will give you more exposure and help out your readers.

What do we discourage?

  • Any post primarily targeted to the promotion of self, drug, machine, equipment, hospital, clinic or any commercial activity.
  • Any post with is abusing, derogatory, insulting to any person, belief, institute or independent entities.
  • Any blog post copied from anywhere else and in anyways not original

If you think, you have an original idea, views, comment or observation, you would like to share with others, we are actually waiting to hear from you.

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