Contribution policy

What do we encourage an author to write?

  1. Newer understanding of any medical condition
  2. New diagnostic modalities
  3. Newer treatment modalities for a medical condition
  4. Newer Health initiatives private or government funded
  5. Innovative health ideas
  6. .People having notable contribution in health or health care
  7. Innovative Health startup and companies.
  8. companies or websites
  9. Sensors and trackers relate to health and fitness
  10. Books reviews
  11. Newer trends in medical practice
  12. Remarkable healthcare facility, service or person.

Who should contribute?

  • Everyone
  • People from medical fraternity are usually more concerned and informed about the medical and health related issues,but that doesn’t mean these are the only people which matters.
  • If you think, your views are original and our readers will be benefited if shared, we would be honored to have your post published.
  • People with local/regional knowledge about a condition, services etc have the valuable contribution to make, if they write.
  • We usually invite people to write blog for us  whose contribution will be beneficial to our readers. These are usually the people we are well published in their field

Few things to remember before submitting a blog.

  • Quality of post: we look for post which are well research and referenced and usually larger than 1000 words.
  • Photos and videos in the post are certainly required, but we want them to be either from credit free source or is duly credited to the owner.
  • Credit: Most of the health related post have facts and data , used to substantiate an argument. We request user to provide reference peer review article to validate it.
  • Self promotion: as a policy, we do not approve a post directed primarily to promote self, clinic, hospital, drug, or any other commercial activity. An excellent post reaching our huge reader base will definitely build you  a brand value, which can not be matched by any amount of self promotion.
  • Copyright: for any post to be published with us , author has to transfer the copyright of that post to us, for legal reasons.
  • Comment: Comments are the conversations about your published article. Answer any queries related to your article via the comments. This will give you more exposure and help out your readers.

What do we discourage?

  • Any post primarily targeted to promotion of self, drug, machine, equipment, hospital,clinic or any commercial activity.
  • Any post with is abusing, derogatory, insulting to any person, belief, institute or independent entities.
  • Any blog post copied from anywhere else and in anyways not origina

Commenting policy

Simple solutions welcomes your comments! 

We invite you to contribute to the discussion and engage in lively debate. Please be civil and respectful to others, leave out profanity and keep your comments constructive and on topic.
Links to external sites are not accepted,as Simple solutions is not responsible for the content on those sites. Sometimes audience feedback leads to new story ideas and follow-up articles, so we reserve the right to include your comments in future coverage.

What’s acceptable?

The importance of free speech and debate in a democratic society cannot be overstated, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to make comments that are defamatory, unlawful, malicious, threatening, overly sexually explicit, profane or advocate violence. Harassing or attacking other people with comment will not be tolerated. Spam, graffiti, campaigning and advertising are also strictly prohibited.

How are the comments moderated?

All comments are post-moderated, meaning that Simple solutions may remove comments if it violates our commenting policies. If a comment disappears, it’s likely because it violated our commenting guidelines.

What if I see a comment that violates the commenting guidelines?

Please inform us in the contact mail provided at contact us.

Why are comments closed on some stories?

Due to legal concerns and the sensitive nature of some content on Simple solutions, we reserve the right to disable comments from time to time.

I see a comment that appears to be selling a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme

We have a zero-tolerance policy for comments that promote commercial endeavours. Often these turn out to be spam. Simple solutions takes no responsibility for any of the claims made by these spammers. We will remove and ban their comments without warning. You can help keep Simple solutions spam-free by opening the drop-down menu on the upper right hand corner of the comment, and marking it as spam.