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22 April

Nothing is better than having an eye drop that would cure the cataract, and you would never need to undergo cataract surgery. It would be an actual miracle treatment as cataract still accounts for nearly half of the blind people living in our country. But the real question remains unanswered – Can cataract be treated without surgery.

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28 March

Just because you do not know how to operate a cataract case, doesn’t automatically means you should go for cataract surgery. These are some must know facts to know before you have cataract surgery training.

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14 February

We have made a list of eye hospitals of Bangalore , suitable for cataract surgery. It is based of the details of facility and expertise which are required to ensure good results after the procedure.

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06 February

Most of the cataract surgeons in India practice what they call as surgical packages for what they charge for doing cataract surgeries. Some tips for patients to help in what to pick.

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23 January

Many children may view the use of Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol as rights of adults and therefore ‘modern’ activities to engage in.The importance of public awareness about these dangers has never been greater.

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15 January

Guest post Credit : Pixabay “A provocative and highly constructive challenge to our basic assumptions. Dr. Fleming will have you re-thinking many of your existing ideas and practices.” – Gerald Zaltman The Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration Emeritus, Harvard Business School and Partner, Olson Zaltman Associates             We live in […]

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19 December

Prestigious British Medical Journal has listed Mission Indradhanush as one of the 12 best practices in the world. We are exploring, how is it possible to achieve this feat?

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27 November

Obesity is continuously rising in various parts of the world. Individual behaviors and environmental factors lead to excess caloric intake and inadequate amounts of physical activity.The commonly attributed factors are Increased snacking  Move sugary snacks away from checkouts and shop entrances, obesity campaigners sayhttps://t.co/Sbg4Wmvi8F pic.twitter.com/Lq2KnWp3Pv — ITV News (@itvnews) November 17, 2018 Larger portion sizes  […]

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17 October

A recent ICMR research report says that more than half of respondent said no when asked, ” have you ever heard the term Diabetes” . Equally surprising is the fact the even those who said yes, half of them did not know that diabetes can be actually prevented. We are exploring the scientific ways to […]

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12 October

We have the world’s largest population of diabetes in india. But not many indians know the disease “Diabetes” , let alone knowing the ways to prevent it. We are exploring the level of diabetes awareness in indian population. These are some startling observations reported in a recent ICMR  research report . Percentage of Indians who have  […]

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