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19 December

Prestigious British Medical Journal has listed Mission Indradhanush as one of the 12 best practices in the world. We are exploring, how is it possible to achieve this feat?

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02 August

” The excessive use of mobile phones can be harmful” , is no more a mere hypothesis. Recent studies are strongly in favour that it has many harmful effects in humans , even the potential to cause cancer. If you have any doubts that mobile phones are anyways lesser  important for human survival than the […]

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07 July

People often opt to have the Lasik laser procedure without knowing what exactly it is and why should they to have it. These are 14 important facts , you must know before having Lasik laser procedure for myopia .

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01 July

People go blind in their primes, often by the mistakes which could have been avoided by simple precautions. Some useful tips which can make people are extra cautious so as to keep their eye safe.

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28 June

India accounts for 20% of total Retinoblastoma population of world. Some guidelines to help parents understand disease and its management. 

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24 June

It explores the prevelane of inappropriate catarat surgeries in india, when cataract surgeries are performed when these are not actually required in patients.

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18 June

In spite of the fact that more than a  lac people are are blind in our country and need corneal transplants , the cornea (eye) donations are very low in India. why ? 

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17 June

Online doctor search websites offers the doctor good online visibility and availability, just like other streams; are there any risks associated with these kind of associations for doctors? I think risks are real and multiple. I was looking for a dermatologist in the city, and i thought of giving a popular Online doctor search website  […]

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13 June

What should you do if you are told that you have a cataract? It’s a stepwise guide to help you decide what to pick when you have multiple options to choose. The aim is to enable you to take an informed decision at every crossroad of your treatment plan. You had a problem in reading […]

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