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Dengue : Mosquito control measures at home to avoid dengue ?

Monsoon has arrived and so also the news reports of the dengue cases from the national capital. Its nothing new that cases has began to be reported in these month. Lives in the cities take its own course. People think that mosquitoes can only bite those living in slums and unhygienic localities. It is not true.


Disease of underprivileged:

 Though, dengue more common form urban poor areas  and the countryside but also affects more affluent neighborhoods. With poor urban planning, this  segregation is further blurred. Just because one is living in a posh locality is no protection.

What can be done about it ?

Don’t get bitten?

Best thing that can be done is to avoid getting bitten by the mosquitos. The mosquitos mostly bite in the day time, not the night. Things that can be done are

  1. Full sleeves cloths



These contain  natural ingredients like citronella oil, Eucalyptus oil & other herbal extracts (with Aloe Vera base) to keep mosquitoes at these do not contains harmful chemicals/DEET, these are presumed to be safer for all age groups (including children) . There are also associated with lesser risk of skin reactions.

Natural Anti Mosquito Repellent vaporiser

mosquito repelling or trapping devices

Ultraviolet light mosquito trapping machine

Mosquito trapping devices  trap or capture the mosquito using  light, taste, and wind technologies . As harmful chemicals are not used , these are safe for human health and are environmentally friendly. It capture and kill   female mosquitoes which are more common in indoor, thereby, interrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes in the surrounding space and making the area mosquito free.

Ultrasonic pest repelling machine

 It emits high frequency ultrasonic sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that repels rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants .

Mosquito nets

Mosquito swatters

Don’t let mosquitoes breed

Management of Mosquito in breeding sites

Mosquito  larvae bacillus

It is made with koline and bacillus species. It is found to be safe for  fish , animal and human . It prevent breeding of mosquitoes in stagnant water.

Mosquito  larvicde

It contains Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt)  is a commonly used biological pesticide to destroy mosquito larvae.

Improvement of water supply and water-storage systems : 

Get the leaking pipes repaired in and around your house, including leaking taps, uncovered overhead tanks. It is often because of ignorance  than actual cost of repairs.

Making water-storage containers Mosquito-proof.

 Solid waste management : 

Ensure that solid waste is  Properly stored, collected and disposed. Discarded useless containers, particularly if  they can act as breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Keep Streets clean.

DENGUE VACCINE : It is still under clinical trail and government has not yet approved it for in India.

Few basic steps taken to keep environment clean can help us reduce the disease burden. so lets do it. please comment and share your views.

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