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Dengue : are we ready for it ?



Monsoon has arrived and so also the news reports of the dengue cases from the national capital. Its nothing new that cases has began to be reported in these month. Lives in the cities take its own course. People think that mosquitoes can only bite those living in slums and unhygienic localities. It is not true.


Disease of underprivileged: Though, it more common form urban poor areas  and the countryside but also affects more affluent neighborhoods. With poor urban planning, this  segregation this further blurred. Just because one is living in a posh locality is no protection.

What can be done about it ?

Don’t get bitten?

Best thing that can be done is to avoid getting bitten by the mosquitos. The mosquitos mostly bite in the day time, not the night. Things that can be done are

  1. Full sleeves cloths
  2. Use of mosquito nets, sleep during the day (e.g. infants, the bedridden and night-shift workers).
  3. Window and door screens and air-conditioning


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Don’t let mosquitoes breed

Use of insecticides

Improvement of water supply and water-storage systems : Get the leaking pipes repaired in and around your house, including leaking taps, uncovered overhead tanks.

Making water-storage containers Mosquito-proof.

 Solid waste management :  Ensure that solid waste is  Properly stored, collected and disposed. Discarded useless containers, particularly if  they can act as breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Keep Streets clean.



DENGUE VACCINE : It is still under clinical trail and government has not yet approved it for in India.

Few basic steps taken to keep environment clean can help us reduce the disease burden. so lets do it. please comment and share your views.

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